Getting Staff For Your Restaurant Kitchen

A business runs well when the people involved in making it work on a daily basis work well as a team. The issue of team work has been talked on in different areas of business. However, when it comes to the restaurant business, team work is very essential. A restaurant cannot work well if the staff doesn’t work as a team. Even if you have the best manager, it is the people the managers supervise that actually make the difference.

That is why when it comes to recruiting for your restaurant, you want to put in a lot of effort to ensure you are getting the best. The best may not necessarily mean someone with a diploma in catering. It could only mean someone who works well with other people. In the kitchen, every job is important no matter how menial. If one person fails to do their job correctly, every other person’s job will suffer. That said, the following are some of the important positions in the kitchen.

The Dishwasher

This is a very manual and the person in charge may have to stand or long periods of time. Even if you choose to dish washing equipment, you still need the dishwasher who will be charged with loading and unloading the dishwasher. Usually, the dishwasher will b dressed in waterproof apron and safety boots. While this may be considered a menial job, most of those who are chefs today started from this position.

The Prep Cook

The prep cooks are those in charge of preparing the basis of all menus that means they touch all parts of the menu. They may be charged with preparing dough, cutting beef, cooking soups and other stuff like that. Prep cooks should be well versed with the kitchen so they know where to find items needed for cooking. They will also need to be trained in operating the different kitchen equipment. This link can give you more info on choosing the right kitchen equipment.

The Line Cook

The area where food is cooked or kept when finished is known as the “the line”. Lines are made up of different stations where different types of food are prepared. Line cooks will often start as prep cooks. Different cooks will need different levels of experience. 

The sous chef

This is the kitchen second in command and will sit in for the chef when he is not around. The sous chef is still in training trying to learn inventory and cost management. They may also help to train other kitchen staff. Sometimes the chef may actually be the person in command in the kitchen.

The Kitchen Manager

The kitchen manager is the boss of the kitchen. They know the ins and outs of managing a kitchen. A kitchen manager may be responsible for managing orders and managing the staff.