Duties And Responsibilities Of A Construction Manager

The construction industry is an area that involves careful planning and management. Therefore a construction manager holds the responsibility to manage the workforce effectively and ensure that all tools and equipment work efficiently in order to meet the expectations of the client. The following are some of the main duties of a construction manager.

The workforce

An efficient group of employees is the foundation behind a successful construction process. If the employees are less productive, it is indeed difficult to meet the expectations of the client. Hence, the employees should be recruited through careful considerations of their qualifications and experience in order to avoid any negative consequences. You can arrange face to face interviews and observations with regard to the recruiting process. It is the duty of the construction manager to provide them with a period of thorough training prior to allocating them to major tasks.

Basic tools

The construction process requires various types of tools and equipment. These include, tool belts, measuring tapes, hammers, utility knives, shovels, wheel barrows and safety glasses. All these tools need to purchases in the right quantity as well as quality. If any of these tools are damaged, it needs to mend. You can consider options such as forklift service and repairs in Brisbane which also do this task for you or you can right away replace them with new ones. 

Other equipment

Apart from the basic tools, other equipment includes construction site vehicles which mainly serve the transportation of cement, soil and other goods. As a construction manager, you should ensure that these vehicles are maintained properly. For instance, you may consider vehicles such as bulldozers and excavators to go through forklift service and repairs stations once in a while to make sure that they do not have any engine damages or fuel leakages. Go right here if you are looking for suitable forklift repair station.


Although you can ensure that your workforce and other tools and equipment would succeed in completing tasks efficaciously, as a construction manager, you should be present around the site at all times to monitor the progress of the work. If there are any improvements or modifications to be made, it can be done right away in order to safe time. This not only aids in preventing any last minute regrets, but will also make you feel satisfied at the end of the day.

The above details give clear insight to the duties and responsibilities of a construction manager. Keeping these things in mind would help to make each task much more productive and will definitely meet the demands of the client.