When Should You Service Your Oven?

The oven is an appliance that we use at home daily. Like any household appliances, they are also susceptible to wear and tear. Here are some problems that you might encounter when using them.

Problem: The Oven is not heating up

Diagnosis: Clearly, this is a big problem and you cannot use the oven. If you have a gas oven, it is very likely that there is a faulty ignition. With an electric oven, the same can occur because of the gas elements being worn out with time. 

Troubleshooting Tip: If it is a gas oven, switch on one of the burners to inspect if there is a problem with the gas line. If this is not the case, then the ignition device might need to be replaced. For an electric oven, switch it on and observe if the elements (inside the oven) are heating up. If all these fail, then you will need to seek a professional who can perform cheap oven repairs. Problem: The Oven is heating up, but not to the correct temperatureDiagnosis: You have noticed that it takes longer to bake your usual cake, or the cake is undercooked when placed for the normal duration of time. It is likely that there is a problem with the temperature sensor. It is either faulty, touching the wall of the oven, or not calibrated.

Troubleshooting Tip: Physically inspect the inside of the oven and check if the sensor is in the right position and not touching the sides of the walls. If the sensor is touching the walls, it will not heat up to the correct temperature. However, if this is all in order, an electrician Mandurah may need to replace the temperature sensor and heating elements. 

Problem: The Oven is heating up, but not cooking consistently

Diagnosis: You have baked a cake, it appears fine from the outside, but the inside of the cake seems undercooked. Clearly this a problem.Troubleshooting tip: Inspect the inside of the oven and check if the heating elements are working fine. You can also try cleaning the oven or try a different baking pan. In some cases when the surface of the oven or bakeware is not reflective due to grim and dirt, this can occur. If all these actions fail, then you should call a professional to inspect your oven.


To ensure that the oven works as expected, you should clean it using a suitable professional grade cleaning product such as an oven cleaner. It also might be a good idea to have the oven inspected and checked by a professional. This can save you both time, money, and give you a peace of mind.