The Dos And Don’ts Of Rearing Chickens

Rearing chickens in itself is a skill that not many are able to master without experience. However, as time goes by you are sure to pick up the skill while you learn through mistakes. Nonetheless here are some tips for you to help you pick up the skill faster. 

Do change the water and food

Chickens are birds that poop just about anywhere and it could mean even on their own food and water. However, as the person rearing them it is essential that when you are taking care of them, you need to make sure that the food and water are placed in a manner where there is no room for them to poop all over it. For this do use the kind of feeders and waterers that are hung from the ceiling of the coop. This way the cleanliness of what they eat and drink is made sure of. Make sure that you take special care of the bedding as well in addition to the food and water. So pick good chicken bedding suppliers and chicken bedding for sale who’ll help you with your purpose.

Do clean the place

There is a possibility for many diseases and viruses to spread when the place isn’t clean. So when you are checking up on your chickens and their eggs, do pay extra attention to the coop and how it looks. Do set some time to regularly to clean the coop. Scrub the floors to remove all the poop and germs and add in new and clean chicken bedding sydney or wood shavings for sale Sydney. This way your chickens would not only be healthy but also feel clean enough to lay eggs comfortably.

Don’t overfeed

This is a tendency many amateurs in this field tend to do. Then again it might be because they aren’t still familiar with the animals and their eating patterns. Sure you could like throw the corn, seeds and whatnot and they’ll end up eating anyways, however this could lead to them becoming fat beyond the limits and also becoming ill. At the end of the day it is you who is going to be at a loss. So develop a schedule and feed them based on it to avoid such problems.

Don’t introduce one to a flock

Just like humans feeling more vulnerable to bullying when they enter a new place by themselves (especially school), animals too face them. So when you are thinking of adding in more chickens to the flock, don’t ever add just one because there is a tendency for being bullied by the others. So if you already have 12 chickens, and you are thinking of adding more then consider 6 and not 1. Use the above tips and make become an expert at chicken breeding in no time at all!