Methods You Could Use To Dismantle A Wooden Pallet

Wooden pallets are mostly used when shipping cargo from location to another. It ensures that the cargo within is protected from the harsh weather conditions it might be exposed to and the damage from transporting it from place to place. These pallets have many uses, especially if you look on Pinterest you might come up with loads of DIY ideas you could use the remains of it for. However, in order to do so you need to make sure that you dismantle these pallets the right way, so that they would free of rusted nails and such. Here are a couple ways you could use when dismantling these;

The tool-less method

If you have no possible tools like a best pallet puller and such, then don’t give up on trying to dismantle this. Because you could use the tool-less method that only uses one or two planks of wood. As you know these pallets are built in manner where it has a stage sort of appearance and one plank has been nailed over the other. In such pallets, you could easily use this method. Send one plank through the many gaps and tug on it so hard that it eventually comes out. It is an easy method but surely requires more physical strength than when using a proper tool. 

The good ole hammer method

These pallets are transported from location to another with forklift slippers attached to the machine and forklift carpet pole. And so they are designed in a way where the entire structure of the pallet would be immune to any sort of external damage. However, if you were to try and dismantle this, you could try using the one tool we are all very familiar with, a hammer. And what’s better is that is doesn’t need much expertise or complex knowledge on its usage and could be used by any person easily. So grab a hammer and first start on detaching the base of the pallet. And then once you have done that flip over the pallet to the side and hit hard on the inside of the pallet to remove the top planks off. And sometimes there is a possibility one or more of these planks could get damaged in the process, but try to control the pressure you exert on them so that you could minimize the damage that would be caused as a result of this. And you would have fine planks to work with at the end of the day. Like mentioned earlier, these pallets are designed to protect the cargo on the inside and so the structure and quality of these pallets too could vary depending on the cargo that is inside. So do consider the pallet in itself, before you try any of the methods mentioned above.