How To Prevent Soil Erosion Easily

Soil erosion is a sad yet almost universal reality today. Be it in your own backyard or the forests, the eroding of soil has presented a global dilemma thanks to the many selfish and unhealthy practices that humans have established for the purposes of development. So is it to be assumed that nature and development cannot go hand in hand? Of course not. Nature and development can indeed go hand in hand but if done with the right care and study. Is there a possibility that while multi storey constructions come up, soil can be protected from erosion? Here are some of the simplest methods that can help you keep your soil from eroding.

Plant, plant and plant

The most simple and natural method of all to help your soil from getting eroded is to get some proper land and vegetation management in the game. The more you plant the better that the soil will hold. The reason behind this is very simple, loose soil that has no grip will be at a bigger risk of getting washed off a compared to a garden where the plants have grown and taken hold of the soil with their roots system. The roots will them give enough weight and strength preventing the soil from getting washed off completely.

Using geotextiles and retaining walls

Geotextiles is one of the best methods of managing soil erosion. More so as it helps to add stability to the soil. While it can be used on its own, know that it is also perfect for using with plants. Instead of cutting them therefore, you could get some tree pruning done and use the geotextiles in combination with this plantation system that I’ll keep your soil not just safe but also very fertile. Woven, nonwoven and coir happen to be the three different varieties of geotextiles that are available in the market today. Retaining walls can be built around an area of erosion that will prevent water from running off and further aggravating the condition.

Applying fertilizer or mulch

Instead of leaving the soil naked as it is, think about adding a layer of mulch to the top of the soil so that it helps the retaining much better. This is because, in this case rather than the soil facing a garish pouring of water on to it, the mulch will help the soil slowly soak up the water thereby cutting off the erosion that can otherwise happen. While helping the soil to stay safe from impact of the water, the mulch will also help in maintaining and restoring pH levels that will help with erosion as well.