All About Mattress Recycling

Every year a huge amount of box springs and new mattresses are destroyed. In this way, many mattresses which could have been reused are destroyed in a minute and again many more natural resources are desperately used to produce new mattresses. But if we could have recycled the used mattresses the cost of producing new mattresses could have been lowered.

Given the importance of mattress recycling it is imperative to state that you should be aware of the proper method of mattress disposal. As it is a product that can be recycled you can contact any waste and rubbish removal service that can help you to contribute in recycling.

To find a service of waste and rubbish removal Melbourne you can search online. Though there are many such services available in Australia, but you should hire the one that has good reputation and positive reviews of clients. 

What are the benefits of recycling old mattresses?

Recycling of old mattresses provides us with a number of benefits. Some of them are as follows:

1. Conservation of resources – recycling of old mattresses saves the resources which are being used again and again for producing new mattresses.

2. Reduces dependency on landfills and incinerators – recycling of old mattresses reduces the dependency on landfills and incinerators.

3. Recycling of old mattresses creates new jobs of recycling-

From an experiment it has been proved that more than ninety percent of a mattress’ components, which are already used, can be recycled. The components are foam, fibers, wood, springs of metal, etc. and they can be produced into new products which can be used in newly produced mattresses.

There are many examples of using old materials in new mattresses

1. Recycling of springs – the springs which are made of steel can be recycled and they can also be melted for using in making new appliances, materials for building and also for other products made of steal.

2. Animal bed or carpet underlayment can be prepared by foam. By using the recycling foam we can reduce the cost of making a new carpet or a new animal bed.

3. The used wooden frames can be used to produce landscaping mulch. Sometime a wood supplier destroys a number of trees, even a forest, for a better service. We can stop this practice by using the used wooden frames.

4. The fiber materials, like cotton, can be used in oil filters. It also can be used in the other textile applications.